Welcome to a captivating journey through the auditory landscapes crafted by JaguarTree, a project that transcends the boundaries of music to offer a transcendent experience. With each album, JaguarTree invites listeners into a world where ethereal soundscapes and robust rhythms intertwine, creating a tapestry of sounds that resonate deeply with the soul. Today, we recap the remarkable albums released by JaguarTree, culminating in the latest explorations of “Relics of Consciousness” and “Sound Archetypes,” and how these works align with the vision of Merkaba Music.


The Evolution of JaguarTree

Music of the Spheres (2016) Our journey begins with “Music of the Spheres,” an album that sets the stage for JaguarTree’s unique blend of downtempo, ethno-fusion sounds. This early work introduces listeners to a sonic exploration of the cosmos, where each track serves as a conduit to the vastness of the universe.

DMT Singles (2019)

“DMT Singles” delves deeper into the psychedelic experiences that JaguarTree is known for. This collection of tracks encapsulates the essence of discovery, offering listeners a gateway to unseen worlds through intricate layers of sound.

The Pinnacle of the Journey


Relics of Consciousness (2020) – Merkaba Music “Relics of Consciousness” is perhaps the most profound of JaguarTree’s offerings, encapsulating two years of tours, experiences, and musical evolution. Released during a time of global upheaval, this album aims to provide listeners with a sanctuary from the chaos, a space to rest and recalibrate through the power of sound. The album’s connection to Merkaba Music is significant, embodying the label’s vision of using music as a transformative tool. By integrating the label’s global psychedelic scene’s influence, JaguarTree not only showcases his growth as an artist but also contributes to the collective narrative of music’s potential to transcend ordinary experience​

Sound Archetypes (2022) – Merkaba Music

“Sound Archetypes” marks a pivotal point in JaguarTree’s discography, showcasing a matured sound that blends organic textures with deep, pulsating rhythms. This album, released under Merkaba Music, stands as a testament to the fusion of natural and electronic elements that define the label’s ethos. Merkaba Music, known for its intentional and resonant music that aims to heal, inspire, and transform, finds a perfect ambassador in JaguarTree, whose work on “Sound Archetypes” reflects the label’s commitment to sonic innovation

Merkaba Music - JaguarTree

Aligning with Merkaba Music

Both “Relics of Consciousness” and “Sound Archetypes” stand as pillars of the symbiotic relationship between JaguarTree and Merkaba Music. These albums reflect the deep, introspective journey that the label champions, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own consciousness through music. With a focus on hybrid organic electronic soundscapes, JaguarTree’s work is a celebration of the natural world, resonating with the heart and soul, a core principle of Merkaba Music’s philosophy​​.

Looking Forward

As we anticipate future releases from JaguarTree, the continued partnership with Merkaba Music promises further explorations into the realms of psychedelic and transformational music. This collaboration between artist and label not only enriches the global music scene but also offers listeners a portal to experiences that challenge the limits of imagination and reality.

Stay tuned to JaguarTreeMusic.com for the latest updates on releases, insights, and the ongoing journey through the sonic universe crafted by JaguarTree. Join us in celebrating the power of music to connect, inspire, and transform.


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