In the vast expanse of the global music scene, where the digital meets the organic, and the ancient rhythms blend seamlessly with futuristic beats, JaguarTree, a project born from the creative mind of Ernesto Mora (Neto), emerges as a beacon of ethno-fusion and experimental sound. This journey, deeply rooted in the ethos of Merkaba Music, represents not just an exploration of sound, but a quest for the transcendental, where music is a bridge to the divine, echoing the label’s mission to heal, inspire, and transform through intentional and resonant music​​.

Ernesto’s musical voyage began amidst the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, where the vibrant tapestry of nature’s soundscape infused his soul with a deep appreciation for the earth’s untold stories. With over a decade of experience, his sound production journey evolved from the realms of space-rock to the depths of contemporary dance and theatre scores, allowing him to forge a unique sound characterized by its cinematic and Sci-Fi quality​​.

JaguarTree’s discography, including the profound “Relics Of Consciousness” and the forthcoming “Alchimia Dello Spirito” and “Blending Ripples Of Time,” is a testament to Ernesto’s commitment to crossing societal boundaries through music. His projects are not just collections of tracks but narratives woven from the diverse cultures and experiences encountered on his travels. Each piece is an invitation to journey beyond the conventional, into realms where music serves as a portal to unity and creative liberation​​.

The alignment with Merkaba Music, a label celebrated for its visionary curation of artists and groundbreaking soundscapes, underscores JaguarTree’s musical philosophy. Merkaba Music, founded by Yaegon Lamagaia (Merkaba & Kalya Scintilla), champions a hybrid of organic electronic sounds that mirror the intricacies of the natural world, creating sonic experiences that resonate with the soul. This shared vision of music as a transformative force beautifully marries the essence of JaguarTree with the global psychedelic music community fostered by Merkaba Music​​.


JaguarTree’s contribution to the psychedelic and transformational music scene extends beyond the studio and stage. Through blog posts like “Best Merkaba Music Releases 2022,” Ernesto shares his insights and appreciation for the label’s artists, inviting listeners to explore the depths of psychedelic music. His reviews and personal narratives not only highlight the talent within the Merkaba Music family but also offer a glimpse into his artistic process and the profound impact of these sounds on personal growth and creativity​​.

As JaguarTree continues to evolve, the project remains deeply connected to its roots in the rich soil of psychedelic music culture. Ernesto’s biography is not just a story of musical evolution but a call to adventure for all who dare to dream beyond the boundaries of conventional sound. In a world that often seeks to categorize and constrain, JaguarTree and Merkaba Music stand as beacons of freedom, inviting us to embark on a sonic journey that transcends space and time.

Through the fusion of Ernesto’s visionary artistry and Merkaba Music’s pioneering spirit, JaguarTree exemplifies the power of music to connect us with the deeper aspects of ourselves and the universe around us. It’s a reminder that in the vast symphony of existence, we are all interconnected, dancing to the rhythm of the cosmic beat.


Sending everyone that spent the time big creative energy!