Merkaba Music (Psychedelic Bass Label)

In this blog I’m gonna be reviewing and bringing to the attention of my readers the best Merkaba Music releases of 2022, we are at the moment in October and I can say after many months of listening I have my pick till the day of the best albums to my ears.

The most important details I take from any release on this style of music is first of all how delicate and moving the music can be, bridging different psychedelic worlds  and teaching me new things I can for sure incorporate to my personal growth in music and art. Also this short list of artists have great management and arrangement of music composition. 

I’ll share one track from each release so we don’t make this too long. 

I love this label, as many of the artists that are in are very unknown but they are all top quality picked by master Kalya Scintilla. I start my pick with the first release of the year 2022:

Miramorf – Opaque Window

The first track of this release made my day many times, very nice production and I expect growth on this artist, who manages the psychedelic worlds really nice and deep. There are some hidden gems in this full album of 12 tracks and great movement and transitions.

Martins Garden – Above

One of the absolute masters of psychedelic bass music (psybass), has to be Martins Garden, who is a big inspiration and I’m always just blown away by the levels of music and so many releases over the past years. Great intelligent melodies mixed with lots of psychedelic flavors, just amazing.

Kalya Scintilla – Treasures

One of my personal favorite artists of all time, Kalya finally releases some of his newer stuff with high detail in the organic side of things, reminding us that we can always go deeper and deeper with soft music. “Just listen with your heart”, psychedelic, organic music at its best.

Eelison – Obscurities

With a soft touch but heavy big bass comes the new EP of Eelison, very clean style of music and pleasing to my ears.

JaguarTree – Sound Archetypes

Maybe I’m a bit byas here, but for the last album I chose my personal project JaguarTree, mixing many layers of psychedelic bass with organic sound, trying to bring some of the tropical textures with the ancient-future.


Sending everyone that spent the time big creative energy!