DMT Singles is the 2nd Ep of JaguarTree, but I consider it the first of the new style that would be recognized by many as JaguarTree. 

This music came to life after my first tour through Guatemala, Colombia and Europe, shaping the trilogy concept that would have a storytelling through design and music.  Relics of Consciousness and Sound Archetypes, would follow this concept to dive deep into all mystic concepts and sounds of the universe more than a specific culture.

The sounds that have always shaped JaguarTree, do come truly from other entities than myself and I just try to channel all these ancient alien futuristic concepts that we all somehow are connected to. 

The first time I had one of the biggest experiences on how music can communicate the stories from the past, present and ancestral future, was on DMT over Lake Atitlan, letting me see how humble music should be to be able to transmit this knowledge and let everyone understand their own experiences.


JaguarTree Discography